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Anderson Surface Designs

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A bit about myself

Welcome, and view my designs .. have a look!

I grew up in Venezuela and studied Graphic design at the Instituto Neumann.

Having worked at "Telares de Palo grande" from the Grupo Blohm for a year and with great input from "Gego" a great inspiration to me.

Moving to Canada I began designing onto Area rugs and converted my work into wall hangings.

I now have transformed this medium into fabrics and I translate these images onto silk as my medium. Although I can transfer them into any needed surface.

You can also contact me at my business number.                                                       416-890-5301 please leave a detailed message, I will get back to you soon.

Thank you.




If you have any thoughts to what you would like to do.

Just talk to me and I can help you come up with solutions.

Fees:  $60 fee as a inicial retainer.